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3D animated shortfilm | 2009


Student Project


On a lighthouse in the middle of the great wide ocean, in complete solitude lives Jouris, an old and infirm man with a small stature. The old wooden beams may seem as if they would break every second, but they do not, they have resisted the laws of gravity for years now.

The days go by and Jouris is waiting. He is constantly waiting to espy a ship, and of course, he is waiting and hoping to be seen by a ship. But there are no ships at all, only an old limping crow which is visiting the lighthouse every evening at the same time to fish in the ocean.

Days become months, months become years and it is all the same – Jouris at the window of the old lighthouse, watching over the ocean until the sun meets the horizon and the night closes everything in. But then, a big storm is changing everything.

  • Idea & Visualisation:
    Ildikó Dietrich, Benjamin Haagen, Thomas Schienagel, Mariya Hristova & Marco Ringler
  • Music:
    Stefan J. Wühr
  • SIGMAD Animation Festival Madrid 2009
    Best Animated Student Film
  • ZOOM 2010
    Best Animated Film
  • KI’TA:SO 2010
    2nd Prize Audience Award